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Free Anatomy Quiz

There are 206 bones in a typical human body, providing an important range of functions :

  • They provide a framework that supports the body
  • They protect the organs within the body cavities against mechanical injury, e.g. the rib cage protects the heart and lungs, the skull protects the brain
  • They contain and protect the red bone marrow, where red blood cells (or erythrocytes), white blood cells (or leukocytes) and lymph cells are formed
  • They provide a storage site for inorganic salts such as calcium and phosphate
  • They create a system of levers which can be used to create motion in the body

Each of the following sections contains quizzes on different areas of the skeletal system. If you work through them regularly, you'll soon be able to remember the names and locations of every bone in the body! Choose from the following body areas or quizzes:

Bones of the Full Skeleton : Quiz 1 - Quiz 2 - Quiz 3

Bones of the Full Skeleton : Back View - Side View

Bones of the Axial Skeleton : Quiz 1 - Quiz 2

Bones of the Hand and Foot : Quiz 1 - Quiz 2 - Quiz 3

Bone Anatomy : Quiz 1 - Quiz 2 - Quiz 3 - Quiz 4 - Quiz 5

The Teeth : Quiz 1

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