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Free Anatomy Quiz

Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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gastr-GastrointestinalOf or pertaining to the stomach
gen-GenitaliaOriginate, produce
-genPathogenAgent that produces or originates
-genicCardiogenic shockFormative, pertaining to producing
genu-Genu valgumOf or pertaining to the knee
gingiv-GingivitisOf or pertaining to the gums
glauc-GlaucomaGrey or bluish-grey colour
gloss-, glott-GlossologyOf or pertaining to the tongue
gnath-GnathodynamometerOf or pertaining to the jaw
-gnosisdiagnosis, prognosisKnowledge
gon-GonorrheaSeed, semen, also reproductive
-gram, -grammeAngiogramRecord or picture
-graphElectrocardiographInstrument used to record data or picture
-graphyAngiographyProcess of recording
gyn-, gynec- GynecologyWoman

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