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Free Anatomy Quiz

Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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-iaHypermetropiaState, condition
iatr-IatrochemistryOf or pertaining to medicine
-iatryPodiatryA field in medicine
-icHepatic arteryPertaining to
-icleOvarian follicleSmall
-icsObstetricsOrganized knowledge, treatment
idio-IdiopathicSelf, one's own
ileo-Ileocecal valveIleum
im-, in-Incontinent In, inside, not
infra-Infrahyoid musclesBelow
inter-Interarticular ligamentBetween, among
ipsi-Ipsilateral hemiparesisSame
ischi-Ischioanal fossaOf or pertaining to the ischium, the hip-joint
-ismDwarfismCondition, disease
-ismusHemiballismusSpasm, contraction
-istPathologistOne who specializes in
-iteHermaphroditeThe nature of, resembling
-iumPericardium Structure, tissue

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