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Free Anatomy Quiz

Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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labi-LabiodentalOf or pertaining to the lip
lacri-Lacrimal canaliculiTear
lact-, lactLactationMilk
laparo-LaparotomyOf or pertaining to the abdomen-wall, flank
laryng-LarynxOf or pertaining to the larynx
later-Lateral pectoral nerveLateral, side
-lepsis, -lepsyEpilepsyAttack, seizure
lept-LeptomeningealLight, slender
leuco-, leuko-LeukocyteA white color
lingu-LinguisticsOf or pertaining to the tongue
lith-LithotripsyStone, calculus
log- Speech
-logistOncologistSomeone who studies a certain field
-logyHaematology The study of
lumb-Lumbar Lower back
lys-, -lyticLysosomeDissolution
-lysisParalysisDestruction, separation

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