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Free Anatomy Quiz

Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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macro-MacrophageLarge, long
macul-Macula Spot, blotch
mal-, malign-MalignantHarmful, bad
mamm-MammogramOf or pertaining to the breast
mammill-Mammillaplasty Of or pertaining to the nipple
manu-ManufactureOf or pertaining to the hand
mast-MastectomyOf or pertaining to the breast
mega-, megalo-, -megalySplenomegalyEnlargement, million
melan-MelaninBlack color
melosErythromelalgia Extremity
mero-Merocrine Part
meta-MetacarpusAfter, behind
-meterSphygmomanometerInstrument used to measure or count
-metryOptometryProcess of measuring
metr-MetrorrhagiaPertaining to conditions of the uterus
micro-MicroscopeSmall/smallness, millionth
mono-Mononucleosis Single
morph-MorphologyForm, shape
muscul-Musculoskeletal Muscle
my-, myo-MyoblastOf or relating to muscle
myel-MyeloblastBone marrow, or spinal cord
myl-MylohyoidOf or relating to molar teeth or lower jaw
myri-myriadTen thousand

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