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Free Anatomy Quiz

Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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pachy-Pachyderma Thick
palpebr-PalpebraOf or pertaining to the eyelid
pan-, pant-Panophobia Complete, or containing everything
papill-PapillitisOf or pertaining to the nipple
papul-PapulationSmall elevation or swelling in the skin
para- Alongside of, abnormal
-paresisHemiparesis Slight paralysis
-pathySociopathy A disease, or disorder
pector-Pectoralgia Breast
ped-, -ped-, -pesPedoscopeOf or pertaining to the foot; -footed
ped-, pedo-Pediatrics Of or pertaining to the child
pelv-PelvisHip bone
-peniaOsteopenia Deficiency
peo-PeotomyOf or pertaining to the penis
-pepsiaDyspepsiaRelating to digestion, or the digestive tract
per- Through
peri-PeriodontalSurrounding, around
phaco-Phacolysis Lens-shaped
-phage, -phagiaSarcophagiaRelating to eating or ingestion
phag-Phagocyte Eating, devouring
phagist-:LotophagiFeeds on
-phagyAnthropophagyFeeding on
pharmaco-Pharmacology Drug, medication
pharyng-PharyngitisOf or pertaining to the pharynx
-philHemophiliaAttraction for
-phillicHydrophilicTo like
phleb-PhlebotomyOf or pertaining to the veins, a vein
-phobePhotophobia Fear of, aversion to
-phobiaArachnophobia Exaggerated fear, sensitivity
phon-Phonograph Sound
phos-PhospheneOf or pertaining to light
phot-PhotopathyOf or pertaining to light
phren-Schizophrenia The mind
phyt-Hydrophyte To grow
piri-Piriformis musclePear shaped
-plasiaAchondroplasiaFormation, development
-plastyRhinoplasty Surgical repair, reconstruction
-plegiaParaplegia Paralysis
pleio-Pleiomorphism More, excessive, multiple
pleur-, pleurPleurogenousOf or pertaining to the ribs
-plexyCataplexyStroke or seizure
pneumo-PneumoniaOf or pertaining to the lungs
pneumat- Air, lung
pod-PodiatryOf or pertaining to the foot
-poiesisHematopoiesis Production
polio-PoliomyelitisA grey color
por- Pore, porous
porphyr-PorphyroblastA purple color
post-PostmortemAfter, or behind
presby-PresbyopiaOld age
prim-PrimaryFirst, or most-important
procto-Proctology Anus, rectum
prot-ProtoneuronFirst, or most important
pseudo-PseudoephedrineFalse, or fake
psych-, psychPsychologyOf or pertaining to the mind
pterygo-Lateral pterygoid platePertaining to a wing
-ptosisApoptosisFalling, drooping
-ptysisHemoptysis Spitting
pulmo-Pulmonary Of or relating to the lungs
pykno-PyknosisTo thicken

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