Quizzes on the appendicular skeleton

The quizzes below each include 15 multiple-choice identification questions related to the appendicular skeleton, and includes the following :

The calcaneus, the capitate, the carpals, the clavicle, the cuboid, the cuneiforms (first, second and third), the femur, the fibula, the hamate, the humerus, the ilium, the ischium, the lunate, the metacarpals, the navicular, the patella, the phalanges, the pisiform, the radius, the scaphoid, the scapula, the sesamoid bone, the talus, the tarsals, the tibia, the trapezium, the trapezoid, the triquetrum, and the ulna.

If you get a question right the next one will appear automatically, but if you get it wrong the correct answer is given. You'll also get an overall score at the end of each quiz.

Learning tip : To get the best from the quizzes start at Quiz 1 for each section, repeat it until you're getting it all correct, then move on to the next quiz.

The appendicular skeleton - The bones of the arms and legs :

The appendicular skeleton, front view
Front view :

Quiz 1
--- Quiz 2

The bones of the hand
The hand :

Quiz 1

The bones of the foot
The foot :

Quiz 1

The bones of the hand and foot
Hand & foot :

Quiz 1

Resources :

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