Quizzes on First aid

The following quizzes are intended to support your learning, but should not be taken as medical advice, and are not meant to replace proper training in first aid techniques. If you are not already trained we recommend contacting the Red Cross (or Red Crescent) office in your area to find out what courses are on offer (click to find classes in the US, in the UK, or to search your local area); first aid courses are fun and empowering, and will give you valuable skills that could help you save a life.

Choose from the following sections to practice and test your knowledge of first aid in different situations :

General first aid quizzes
General first aid -
how to help people with injuries and other health problems :

Quiz 1 --- Quiz 2 --- Quiz 3

First aid quizzes on mass casualty incidents
Mass Casualty Incidents -
quizzes on what to do in a large scale emergency :

Quiz 1 --- Quiz 2

respiratory first aid quizzes
Respiratory first aid -
what to do when someone has breathing problems :

Quiz 1 --- Quiz 2

Circulatory first aid quizzes
Circulatory first aid -
what to do when someone has circulatory problems :

Quiz 1 --- Quiz 2

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Resources :

In this section we've added a few alternative study aids to help you along.