Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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Prefix or suffixExampleMeaning
capill-CapillusOf or pertaining to hair
capit-CapitationOf or pertaining to the head
cardi-CardiologyOf or pertaining to the heart
carp-CarpopedalOf or pertaining to the wrist
cata-CataractDown, under
-celeHydrocelePouching, hernia
-centesisAmniocentesisSurgical puncture for aspiration
cephal-CephalalgyOf or pertaining to the head
cerat-CeratoidOf or pertaining to the cornu, a horn
cerebell-CerebellumOf or pertaining to the cerebellum
cerebro-CerebrologyOf or pertaining to the brain
cervic-CervicodorsalOf or pertaining to the neck, the cervix
chem-ChemotherapyChemistry, drug
chir-, cheir-ChiropractorOf or pertaining to the hand
chlor-ChlorophyllDenoting a green color
chole-CholecystitisOf or pertaining to bile
cholecyst-CholecystectomyOf or pertaining to the gallbladder
chondr-ChondrocalcinosisCartilage, gristle, granule
-cid, -cidebacteriocidalKilling, destroying
cili-CiliaryOf or pertaining to the cilia, the eyelashes
cis- On this side
clastOsteoclast Break
co-Coenzymes With, together, in association
col-, colo-, colono-ColonoscopyColon
colp-ColposcopyOf or pertaining to the vagina
com-, con-CongenitalWith, together
cor-, core-, coro-CorectomyOf or pertaining to eye's pupil
cordi-Commotio cordisOf or pertaining to the heart
cornu-Greater cornuLike a horn
coron-Coronary Crown
cost-CostochondralOf or pertaining to the ribs
cox-CoxopoditeOf or relating to the hip, haunch, or hip-joint
crani-CraniologyBelonging or relating to the cranium
-crine, crinEndocrineTo secrete
crypt-CryptorchidismHidden, concealed
cyano-CyanopsiaDenotes a blue color
cycl-CyclicalCircle, cycle
cyph-CyphosisDenotes something as bent
cyst-CystotomyOf or pertaining to the urinary bladder

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