Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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-dactyl-Dactylology Of or pertaining to a finger, toe
de-DeciduousAway from, cessation
demi-, hemi-Hemiplegia Half
dent-DentistOf or pertaining to teeth
derma-, dermato-DermatologyOf or pertaining to the skin
-desisArthrodesis Binding
dextr-DextrocardiaRight, on the right side
dia-Dialysis Through, during, across
dif-Different Apart, separation
digit-DigitOf or pertaining to the finger
-dipsiaPolydipsia Condition of thirst
dis-DissectionSeparation, taking apart
dors-, dors-Dorsal Of or pertaining to the back
dromo-DromotropicRunning, conduction, course
dura-Dura materHard
dynam-Hand strength dynamometerForce, energy, power
dys-DysphagiaBad, difficult

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