Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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ocul-OculistOf or pertaining to the eye
odont-orthodontistOf or pertaining to teeth
odyn-Stomatodynia Pain
-oesophageal, oesophago-  Gullet
-oidSarcoidosisResemblance to
ole small or little
oligo-OligotrophyHaving little, having few
om-OmoplateOf or pertaining to the shoulder
-oma (singular), -omata (plural)SarcomaTumor, mass, collection
omphal-OmphalotomyOf or pertaining to the navel, the umbilicus
onco-OncologyTumor, bulk, volume
onych-OnychophagyOf or pertaining to the nail
oo-OogenesisOf or pertaining to the an egg, the ovum
oophor-OophorectomyOf or pertaining to the woman's ovary
ophthalm-OphthalmologyOf or pertaining to the eye
optic-OpticochemicalOf or relating to chemical properties of the eye
or-OralOf or pertaining to the mouth
orchi-, orchid-, orch-OrchiectomyTestis
ortho-OrthodontistDenoting something as straight or correct
-osisPsychosis a condition, disease or increase
osm-AnosmiaOdour, sense of smell
ossi-Ossifying Bone
-ostomyColostomyCreate an opening
ot-OtologyOf or pertaining to the ear
-otomyTracheotomySurgical incision
-ous Pertaining to
ovari-OvariectomyOf or pertaining to the ovaries
ovo-, ovi-, ov-OvogenesisOf or pertaining to the eggs, the ovum
oxo- Addition of oxygen
oxy- Sharp, acid, acute, oxygen

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