Word roots, prefixes and suffixes of anatomical terms :

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tachy-TachycardiaFast, irregularly fast
tegument-IntegumentarySkin, covering
-tension, -tensiveHypertensionPressure
tetan-Tetanus Rigid, tense
thec-IntrathecalCase, sheath
thel-TheleplastyOf or pertaining to a nipple
thely-Thelygenousrelating to a woman, feminine
therap-Hydrotherapy Treatment
therm-Thermogenesis Heat
thorac-, thorac-, thoracico-ThoraxOf or pertaining to the upper chest
thromb-Thrombocytopenia Of or relating to a blood clot, or lump
thyr- Thyroid
thym-Dysthymia Emotions
-tic Pertaining to
toco- Childbirth
-tome Cutting instrument
-tomyGastrotomyAct of cutting, incision
tono- Tone, tension, pressure
-tony Tension
top-Topical anestheticPlace, topical
tox-, tox-, toxic-ToxoplasmosisToxin, poison
trachel-tracheloplastyOf or pertaining to the neck
trans-TransfusionAcross, or through
tri-Triangle Three
trich-, trichia, trich-TrichocystOf or pertaining to hair
-trophyPseudohypertrophyNourishment, development

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